Portal Eindhoven

Experience the history of the city of Eindhoven. A unique interaction between present, past and future. Step through the physical gate and interactively discover Eindhoven from 1560, or see what the city was like in the period after the Second World War. With an app on your smartphone you can see Eindhoven of the past, through your eyes.

The Portal Eindhoven project was initiated by stichting Cultuur Eindhoven, and was developed in close collaboration with important heritage foundation’s from the region. The Henri van Abbe stichting, the Eindhoven Museum, the Municipality of Eindhoven en the Archeologische Vereniging Kempen en Peelland joined forces to create an immersive experience about the history of the city of Eindhoven together with the designers.

The Portal Eindhoven project is designed and developed by: Studio Speciaal, Luis Ferreira, Mama producties, and KaiserVR.

Initiated by
Cultuur Eindhoven
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Design, construction, electronics