Pavilion Waternet Amsterdam

Commissioned by and in close collaboration with architectural firm Studio M10 we designed a pavilion for Waternet Amsterdam. The pavilion serves as a visitor’s center where the public becomes acquainted with the new sustainable neighborhood Buiksloterham, and receive an explanation about the circular resource station that lies in the water next to the pavilion.

Studio M10 designed the steel construction and the shape of the building. We were responsible for the materialisation and appearance of the pavilion. We designed the facades using biobased composite modules that use plant waste fibers sourced from waterfront maintanance in the municipalitie.

The other facades are covered with recycled acrylic. By tactically placing the connections and making clear agreements with the material producer, the acrylic (just like all other materials of the pavilion) could be reused or recycled in its entirety when the pavilion is possibly dismantled. This leaves the smallest possible ecological footprint, without detracting from the modern character of the building.

Commissioned by
Studio M10
Buiksloterham, Amsterdam
Architecture, Model making