Displaced Exhibition DDW2020

In the exhibition Displaced, art and design come together into one alienating whole. We bring together the diverse work of designers and artists in an exhibition where boundaries are blurred, contrasts are sought out and crooked becomes the new straight.

Displaced is a collaboration between artists and designers with diverse production techniques and backgrounds. The various objects on display confront each other in an overall image that is reminiscent of a theater set. Not so strange considering that the space is normally used as a theater where the ‘deviant’ is seen as a strength. This is also the vision of the exhibition Displaced.

The exhibition is curated by Studio Speciaal, led by Bram Verbeek and Sjoerd Geerts. Work by Frits Achten, Willem van Hooff, Geert Snijders, Minoesch Beeldstroo, Zakaria Rugs, Burna Collectables, and Studio Speciaal will be on display.

Boudewijn Bollmann
Sectie-C, Eindhoven
Dutch Design Week 2021